Estime’s Cafe is a new traditional restaurant opened by brothers Dumond and Duke Estime. Dumond is on the business aspect, while Duke is the creative one. With their heads together, it’s creating the perfect storm for something delicious. Duke, the executive chef, cultivated his love of cooking while growing up in the Caribbean alongside his mother and five siblings.

Those family dishes and trade secrets laid the foundation for Chef Duke to become a ground-breaking Haitian chef. Following this passion, he went on to study culinary art at the NY Institute for Culinary Education. There, Chef Duke learned to hone in on his own creative style and embodied his deep respect for food. “I believe you should respect the food you prepare. That means the freshest ingredients, trained prep chefs, and innovative ideas,” he says.

After graduation, Chef Duke continued his rigorous training at The Mark Hotel in New York. He began his professional career by working his way up the ranks in restaurants, doing catering, and cooking as a private chef. He went on to be featured at the James Beard House in New York City, one of the best culinary awards there is. Ironically, Chef Duke also volunteered at the James Beard house when he was younger.

Little did he know he would be accepting an award from that very foundation one day. Alongside that recognition, he has been specially presented on NBC New York Live, in The New York Times, The Star Ledger, Industry Magazine, & Golf Styles.


Chef Duke finally decided to open a place to call his own. He will continue to perfect his craft and teach others, bringing only the very best to a new Estime’s Cafe.